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From Our Family
to Yours

The journey that led us to build The Barn at Wall’s Pond is one we could never have predicted. But life throws us all curves and when it does, we have the opportunity to make the very best of it.  Our goal is to share that “very best” so your day will be the unforgettable day you’ve always dreamed of.

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The Barn at Wall’s Pond was built on a piece of family property developed over the years by the family itself.  A father who loved to create and build…with a son who spent every available moment tagging along, watching, and learning.  When the family lost Trent Wall unexpectedly, the impressionable son, now a man himself, joined forces with his mom Lisa and sister Grace and set out to create something to honor the husband and dad who left a legacy of kindness, caring for others more than himself and loving every community he touched throughout his life.

Lisa loved being by her husband’s side during their life in the ministry.  After serving several communities away from their beloved Northwest NC, they had returned to a parish near the family property they loved. It’s been several years now since the family lost Trent but they stay busy with their everyday life and most importantly, watching their dream become a reality.  Lisa also stays busy with her career as an accountant.  Grace is continuing her college education and following her passion for videography.  Her communication and organizational skills along with her ability to tell stories through the lens of her cameras make her and her mom the perfect team as you’re beginning to plan your special day.  And how about Trevor…whose vision has now become a magnificent reality?  He continues to oversee every detail to ensure he’s exceeded any item you’ve ever had on your venue wish list. This family has left no detail unattended to.  It’s truly the little things that will make you fall in love with The Barn at Wall’s Pond.   

For Lisa, Trevor, and Grace, who have incorporated pieces of their hearts throughout this venue, nothing could make them happier than to have couples start their married lives at this serene, picturesque setting…a family wanting to share their life journey with those preparing to begin theirs. A family whose heart and soul can be seen in every decision made when designing and building The Barn at Wall’s Pond.  A family who would be blessed and honored to have you create and celebrate your own joyful memories at a place where they’ve made so many themselves.







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